The DataPro2Go WAN failover provides companies with the capability to prevent network downtime that is caused by their primary Internet Service Provider (ISP). The WAN failover router detects if a company's primary Internet link goes down and changes traffic to the DataPro2Go backup connection automatically. The WAN Failover mechanism detects the downtime and reroutes the traffic back to the primary internet connection once the service is restored.
Please consult with the manual of your specific router for exact instructions for implementing WAN failover. This guideline outlines the generic steps for enabling WAN failover.

Setup for automatic failover:
1. Log into your router’s administrator interface.
2. Configure your secondary WAN interface for DHCP. This will allow your router to obtain an IP address from the DataPro2Go device automatically.
3.  Enable the failover feature in your router. Enabling this feature will ensure the router will switch to the DataPro2Go service is the primary internet connection becomes unavailable.
4. Test functionality. To verify you are on the DataPro2Go service use a public IP identifying website such as while utilizing your primary connection and record the IP address. Unplug the cable to your primary connection. Run the IP identifying site again and if the IP address changes, you have verified the router has automatically failed over to the DataPro2Go service.